At times we forget how important organization is when it comes to our adventure gear. Despite all of us having “the chair” in our rooms which seems to function more of a clothes rack than a piece of furniture for us to sit on. Something that I always make sure to have well organized, clean and ready to go is my outdoor gear.  If you are like me, always up for a random and spontaneous weekend getaway, road trip or escapade then I cannot stress how much easier life is when you have your adventure necessities prepped and ready to go.
          The Eastern Sierras in California, if you’re into any type of exploration then surely you’ve come across this beautiful mountain range either in a magazine, book or documentary. Being fortunate enough to live only a few hours away from the iconic HWY 395, a visit to these mountains is just a decision away. That was the case this passed weekend when, while driving back from the airport after a near month long vacation, a friend invited us up to spend the weekend fishing and camping in The Sierras. With guilt on our minds, we quickly decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up and we raced home to gather our gear. Growing up in a house with six children and multiple pets, organization was the last thing our mind at times, but that made our parents stress the importance of it ever so. Now looking back at their teachings and advice, I am grateful that they did.
          I gathered my clothes, pulled out my pack, compressed my sleeping bag, pulled down my tent, threw the pup in the car and hit the road! Everything I needed, easy to find and exactly where it was supposed to be. After the four-hour drive and multiple off road trails conquered, we finally reached the beautiful valley, which we would call home for the weekend. Breathtaking views, crystal clear rivers with beautiful golden trout feeding in its waters, and the wonderful fauna filled mountains surrounding us. We were fortunate enough to find the perfect campsite within the tree line. With enough cover to shield us from the 40-degree nights, yet open enough for us to be able to enjoy the tapestry of stars. Being serenated by the owls at night and woken up by songs of the coyotes calling to each other in the mornings, I can’t even begin to explain how lucky we all felt being there that weekend. At one point when the sun began to set, a close friend and I walked towards the river to try to catch some fresh dinner. He turned to me and said, “What did we do to deserve this life?” We must have done something right in a previous lifetime because we truly felt like we were in heaven. All this made possible by awesome and daring friends, quick decisions and of course, organized gear. So the next time you get back from an adventure, remember to take the extra time to clean and organize your adventure necessities, so that when the time comes it will be ready to go, just as quick as you will be!
Luis Gonzalez
March 04, 2023 — Luis Gonzalez


Walter castillo said:

Excellent work Luis ! Great tip

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