Have you ever been in that magnificent moment when you’re laying in bed, and on the verge of crossing over into peaceful slumber when suddenly! As if a surge of electricity overcomes your entire body, an idea or an inspiring thought comes to you. Remember the excitement that follows that moment, with all the different possibilities and scenarios that accompany that thought? One would almost consider it a moment of bliss or nirvana because at that very second it seems as if the world and all of its secrets are at your fingertips. Those are wonderful moments when complete relaxation and peace inspire great ideas within us. But what about the moments when we don’t have immediate peace, what about when we’re trying to find inspiration during our every day life? While we’re working on a project for school, a script for a play or simply every day work for our job? How do we find that inspiration? For me every day life within itself is inspiration, but one thing that helps in particular is discovery. Discovery of a new artist, a new movie, a new place with new scenery and new people always strikes new ideas with all new possibilities.

          I approach the world with an open mind, never ruling out the possibility of gaining knowledge and insight on life. I know first hand how easy it becomes to go through life living within our comfortable boundaries. We become afraid to step out of our skin, believing that if we do we will be judged and looked down upon. However, I strongly believe that as long as we go through life doing good onto others, and with integrity on our minds, then it shouldn’t matter what others think of us. After all we have but one life, and a short one at that. I say, step outside of your “comfortable safe zone” and take a moment to appreciate the little things. Notice the flutter of a butterfly’s wings as it flies, choose a day to wake up early and enjoy a nice quiet sunrise with a good cup of coffee. Acknowledge and appreciate life’s every day gifts. Take it from someone who has done these things, you will not regret it and you will go through your day feeling positive and fulfilled.  After all nature is the biggest inspiration of all! Make life count.


Luis Gonzalez
Venforth Founder
January 22, 2018 — Luis Gonzalez


Vanessa Rojas said:

…such idyllic thoughts…
well said.

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