About us

Venforth (Venture Forward) was born from the courage and desire to fill in the gaps present within our lives due to the lack of “why”. Life has taught us that happiness cannot be pursued, because it lives within ourselves and all we have to do is discover it. He who has a “why” to live for, can bear any “how”. In simpler terms, Venforth is the happiness that comes from living with purpose every single day, and the desire to share this passion with others.

            The aspiration for adventure can be translated into many different meanings for people everywhere, some of us are extreme adventurers, and others happilyevolve into weekend warriors, but all of us yearn for freedom and purpose. We believe that being outside in nature has helped us find that freedom, and now our purpose is to show others that it is possible to live between the balance of nature and the contemporary world. Whatever your purpose for adventure may be, we want you to be well equipped with the quality goods that are ready to accompany you as you embark on your journey, and serve as the reminder to keep venturing forward towards your “why”.

            Along with a passion for the outdoors, comes a great sense of responsibility to care for the land and do all that we can to conserve it. We live simply within our means in order to leave a minimal impression upon the lands that we choose to explore, a practice that we would like our tribe to be able to connect with and adopt. With nature and humanity being two of the biggest matters that alter the world that we live in, we want to do our part and use the tools available to us as an organization to make a positive impact in these areas. We proudly allocate a percentage of every sale towards planting an infinite number of trees, in order to help keep our world naturally thriving and green. But it doesn’t stop there; we offer you the opportunity to let us know where you would like us to allocate your donation. Simply select the organization of your choice at checkout and we will take care of the rest.

            Venforth is a young company, with and elder’s set of values. Integrity, freedom, adventure and the close relationship with our customers is what keeps us inspired and driven to create and work harder every new day.